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The yard includes a playground for the kids and group camping is also available.

Bouncy castles are available for rent.

Our gathering space is perfect for family gatherings, company dinners and get togethers with friends.


This space has additional features such as, a full sound system including mics and guitars.

Includes a full kitchen with coolers, freezer, convectional oven and cooking stove. Included tables and chairs.

Cozy Barn Gathering Spot

Located in the barn on the outskirts of La Crete.

This two bedroom flat is the perfect place to wind down after a full day of visiting, working or touring.

It is equipped with a large kitchen, dining room, sitting area and a private deck with a BBQ.

Cozy Barn Loft

There are 4  cabins in total.

They are the ideal place to spend the night if you want a taste of country while still being close to town.

These cabins are super cozy and  and are equipped with a fireplace, range, bathroom, fully equipped kitchen, BBQ on the deck, picnic tables, fire pits, Wi-Fi and TV.

Cozy Cabins

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